​When are trails open?
    - Trails typically open May 23rd, and are open until snowfall when we close them. If conditions allow we open the trails back up in the winter abiding by the 32 degree rule. Trails are then closed for mud season.
The trail connectors from the Warren fish hatchery- to the DOT shed in Wentworth will close a half hour after sunset on 10/31. This means all parking and trail access from Wentworth is closed as of 10/31. The Warren trail system will remain open until mud season

What hours are we allowed to be on the trails?
    - Hours for riding are a half hour before sunrise until a half hour after sunset

Where can I park?
    - In Warren you can park across from the ball field on Lund Ln. Follow parking signs at the bottom of Dan's Land.


-There is limited parking at the rocket and enough room for 2-3 vehicles to park, along the left side of the town hall. Do not block the trail 

-In Wentworth we have parking available in the field across from the airport off East Side Rd. For parking at this lot, turn onto east side road from rt. 25. There is a trail parking sign at the saw mill on your left (you will be driving through the Mill). A 1/4 mile up the dirt road on the left is another sign pointing into the parking field. DO NOT PARK ON THE AIRSTRIP OR ANYWHERE ON THE AIRPORT PROPERTY!!

How wide are your gates?
    -Gate width is 65". If you don't fit, turn around and go home. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN WAY AROUND THE GATES

Are there any services accessible from the trail?
    - Non Ethanol fuel and food is available at Shawnees in Wentworth.
    - Non ethanol fuel and food is available at AppleKnockers General Store store in downtown Warren.
    - Ice cream is available at Moose Scoops Ice Cream
    - Food is available at the Ore mill restaurant on the corner of rte 25-c
    - Food is available at calamity Jane's restaurant across from the rocket

How many miles of trails do you have?
    -We have 30+miles of trails made up of multiple one ways,with a ride variety of terrain

Can I ride my Utv or Trail bike on the MMATVC trails?
    -Our trail system is open to atvs, utvs, and trail bikes with the exception that trail bikes are not allowed on Dans land or Kempenaars crossing.

Please stay on all marked trails and respect the land owners! Without them we would not have any trails.