Starting May 1 2018, New Hampshire registration fees for ATV's, side-by-sides and trail bikes will increase by $30.

    A new club incentive bill will take effect allowing riders to get a $30 discount on an ATV, side-by-side or trail bike registration if they  have joined a qualified ATV club. If you are registering multiple machines, then the savings can really add up. For example, if you are registering 3 machines, then you can save $30 for EACH machine or a total of $90 in discounts!

Here are some questions and answers about the New Hampshire ATV membership incentive program. We refer to ATV's, side-by-sides and trail bikes as OHRV's (Off Highway Recreational Vehicles):

> Why does joining a NH ATV club matter?

    In New Hampshire, all OHRV registration fees go into a dedicated fund to be used for trail administration, enforcement, trail development and trail maintenance. By New Hampshire law, funds for trail development and trail maintenance can only be given out to NH ATV clubs through the state grant-in-aid program. Clubs are expected to provide matching funds and volunteer labor for these grants so the membership incentive program was created to help provide these matching resources. And most importantly to help support our volunteers that keep our trails open 

> What if I don't want to join a NH ATV club?

    You can simply pay the addition $30 per OHRV. That extra $30 goes right into the NH grant-in-aid program so it will be used for building new OHRV trails and maintaining existing trails.

> What is a qualified NH ATV club?

    A qualified NH ATV club is a member club of NHOHVA.

> What is NHOHVA and what do they do?

  A membership with Mount Moosilauke ATV /UTV Club also grants you membership in the New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association (NHOHVA is the organization representing all OHRV clubs in New Hampshire at the State and Federal level) the mission of NHOHVA is to bring your opinions to law makers and State agencies. Don't go unheard! 

> When I joined my ATV club, why did they ask if I wanted to be a member of NHOHVA?

    There is power in numbers. If we can get all ATV club members to join NHOHVA, then we can increase our presence in the NH State House whenever bills that affect ATV riding come up. Most clubs offer NHOHVA membership at no charge so there is no additional cost to join.

>  How do I get the discount?

    To receive the discounted member rate, individuals must show at the time of registration, valid proof of membership for the corresponding registration year, to a N.H. wheeled vehicle club that is a member club of the New Hampshire Off Highway Vehicle Association. Nhohva will email you a voucher that authorizes the registration agent to give you the discount. This voucher normally arrives within a few minutes of you joining. Please be sure to bring a copy of this voucher with you at the time of registration. You can print a copy out, or use a digital copy on your phone.

    There are two easy ways to join! You can click the link below to register online through and pay with credit or debit card. Or you can print a paper copy of the application and mail it in with a check.

A Single or Entire Family membership is $25 a year.

NOTE: FAMILY MEMBERSHIP includes One Adult, Spouse, and any Children under 18 years of age. Anyone over 18 years of age in your family are considered adults and must join themselves as a member.

P.O. Box 23 
Warren, NH 03279

Membership term runs from January 1st to December 31st 

Name: ________________________________________ Date:_________

Spouse /Family Member Names (under 18 living in the same household):


Mailing address:__________________________________________________________________

City:_____________________ State:_______ Zip:__________

Email:__________________ ________________________ Phone:__________________________

Do you want to become a member of the NH Off Highway Vehicle Association ( NHOHVA ) for free?

_____Yes  _____   No Check out their website at for details

______ Individual 25$ 
______ Family 25$

Please make checks payable to Mount Moosilauke Atv Club.

 Thank you for choosing the Mount Moosilauke Atv Club!! We are always in need of volunteers please consider participating in any work parties or events if possible, watch our facebook page and website for announcements.

NOTE: Family members over the age of 18 require their own membership.
Downloadable Membership in PDF 

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